We started to make products for horse-riding in 1994. Two years later, in 1996, our enterprise was registered at the Artisans Register office of Castilla Leon under the name of Javier Fernández Linares and after three years, in 1999, it was registered art craft workshop in harnesses making. From February 2016 passed the ownership of the company on behalf of his wife: Prudencia Rivas Burillo, modernizing and expanding facilities.

               During the first four years we settled down in the Spanish National Market, and we showed our goods in Sicab market in Sevilla. It is in 1997 when we decided to jump into the European Market, showing in Spoga Köln Messe, then in Paris, Equitana, Avignon ...

               In these years we have specialized in the design and fabrication of leggings, protectors, chaps and especially hoof pads and blacksmith's apron, being nowadays the biggest exporters of such products and reaching an important rate in the National market, as well as exporting to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Portugal.

               Our success is based on the quality of the leather we use and the balance among Art Craft, design and modern machinery, as well an excellent work team.

Con Cuero Artesanos
Camino La Sendilla, 21
Miranda de Ebro, 09200 (Burgos), España
Tlf: 0034 947 332 329   Fax: 0034 947 324 392

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken by the wind."

- Johannes Brahms